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By purchasing a maritime ticket, a transport contract is established between the shipping company (carrier) and the passenger. These conditions can be viewed on our website . The person who assumes the obligation to transport is therefore the carrier. NetFerry SRL operates as a travel agency, and is therefore an intermediary between the customer and the carrier. In the case of incorrect, total or partial non-fulfillment of the transport service, the liability lies solely with the carrier. No responsibility can be attributed to NetFerry SRL. Here are some important conditions common to all companies:

TIMETABLES and RATES: The shipping companies are committed to doing their best to respect the schedules, fares, itineraries as scheduled. However, at any time and without prior notice, they have the right to change departure times, itineraries and add a surcharge to the official rates for a fuel adjustment, which can be collected directly at the boarding office on the day of departure or by the travel agency during the booking. The arrival time also indicates entry into the port and not the actual docking of the ship to the quay.

NETFERRY SRL Reservation Center Ferries, as an intermediary, is not responsible for damage caused by any changes mentioned above. The departure and arrival times are always indicated in the local time.

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