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Which documents are required to make a reservation?

To make a ferry booking you must have your national ID card or passport to hand.

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Where can I find the directions to reach my port of embarkation?

On our website, we have pages dedicated to each port of embarkation and arrival. On these pages you can find a box dedicated to port information and a Google Maps link to provide you with directions.

FAQ Category: 1. Before leaving

Where do I find the opening hours for the port offices?

We do not have the opening hours for all of the port offices as they vary depending on time of year, however port offices generally open around 2 hours before ferry departures. For more information check out our port pages where you can find telephone numbers for the port authorities and directions.

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Where can I find the ferry departure and arrival times?

You can find out the arrival and departure times and the duration of the journey for each route on our website. Please be aware that these times can be subject to change due to unforeseen weather conditions. You can also find out the frequency of ferries on each route on our site, they are generally daily or weekly. Our booking system can provide you with the most up to date departure and arrival times, as we keep it updated with real time information from the shipping companies.

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Why do other ferry booking websites provide different information to NetFerry?

The website you visited may not be constantly updated or there could have been last-minute changes that are not yet visible online.
We always advise you to consult our booking system because we always updating information in real time to provide you with the most up to date and accurate information.

FAQ Category: 1. Before leaving


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