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The sea crossing between Evia and Skiathos is operated by Anes Ferries who make 9 weekly sailings available with travel times ranging bewteen 1 hr 50 min and 4 hr 45 min. afternoon and evening departure times for these crossings. This line allows you to transport cars, motorbikes, campers and trucks - when boarding, simply follow the instructions at the departure port. Passengers will be welcomed on board by competent and qualified crews who will show you to your accommodation and all of the services available on board.

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The port of Mantoudi is located on the Greek peninsula of Evia, in central Greece. Mantoudi is a small port that provides important connections to neighboring islands and ports, including Skiathos, Skopelos and even Volos. The port of Mantoudi is about three kilometers from the center of the town and is an interesting alternative for those who do not want to use the port of Athens.... [More information]

Address: Kimasi, Kireas, Greece
Directions: Google Map @ Mantoudi (Evia), port


Skiathos is the most well-known island in the Sporades. Its reputation for having great nightlife, however, must not distract from its intrinsic beauty. There are long, golden coasts that are among the most beautiful in all of Greece. The island does not have particularly varied nature and is relatively flat, but it is green and intensely cultivated with vineyards and orchards, which alternate with pine forests that descend to the sea. History Skiathos and many islands in this part of the Aegean were invaded many times throughout history. Starting from the Pelasgians then the Athenians, Spart... [More information]


9 weekly sailings - Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Want to learn more about your trip from MANTOUDI (EVIA) to SKIATHOS?

How long is the crossing from MANTOUDI (EVIA) to SKIATHOS?

The duration of the crossing from MANTOUDI (EVIA) to SKIATHOS is usually 4 hours 45 minutes with ANES FERRIES. Travel times may vary depending on the date and time of departure.

How many crossings are there per week from MANTOUDI (EVIA) to SKIATHOS?

The ferry operator ANES FERRIES provides 9 crossings per week. The number of crossings may vary depending on the time of year.

Which ferry operators provide services from MANTOUDI (EVIA) to SKIATHOS?

The MANTOUDI (EVIA) SKIATHOS route is served by Anes Ferries.

How much is a ferry ticket from MANTOUDI (EVIA) to SKIATHOS?

The price of the ticket from MANTOUDI (EVIA) to SKIATHOS varies according to the date and time of departure and the offers available at the time of booking. Our website always gives you the best available price. Book now and save.

Can I take my car on the line from MANTOUDI (EVIA) to SKIATHOS?

The companies operating on this route allow the transportation of vehicles, so you can get to your destination accompanied by your vehicle.

Looking for information on the return journey?

If you are looking for information on your return journey, click this link Ferry from SKIATHOS to MANTOUDI (EVIA) .