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The island of Syros is the administrative hub in the Cyclades and is almost the capital of this small group of islands in the Aegean Sea. So the island is populated and organized almost like a city that is both modern and seafaring. Outside of this area, there are also fishing villages that cling to the barren hills. For many years the island has been neglected by international tourism. Syros has a lot of commercial and administrative importance and you can find everything from shipyards to fabric factories and even the University of the Aegean. 

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The history of Syros begins with the Phoenicians who settled here first. Over the centuries there were many invasions but the most important one was from the Venetians, who changed the face of the island. The Republic of Venice arrived on the island during the Fourth Crusade and remained there until the sixteenth century when the Ottoman Turks occupied it along with the rest of the Greek islands. The capital of Ermoupolis is the direct testimony of the Venetian occupation because, in addition to its neoclassical buildings, churches and the Archaeological Museum, there is also a Catholic cathedral dedicated to St. George and monasteries of the Jesuits and Capuchins.


This beautiful island is covered by fields and vineyards, there are also hills and isolated beaches along the coasts. It is perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy the sea and the sun without losing touch with civilisation, as there are theatres and cinemas that give the island an urban feel. Some of the best beaches are Grammata, Lia and Aetos, which are truly splendid. Finally, Galissas is a great beach with extremely fine dark sand and is ideal for all kinds of water sports.

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